Renting a bin from us is an easy 3 step process:

Material – Bin Size – Call Us! Click here for more details.

Step 1: Determine the material being disposed

Step 2: Choose which bin size you need (see below)

Step 3: Call us to place the order : (416) 246-0260

Bin Sizes:

  • 5 Yard Bin: 6ft wide X 7ft long X 2ft high
  • 10 Yard Bin: 7ft wide X 10ft long X 4ft high
  • 14 Yard Bin: 8ft wide X 12ft long X 4ft high
  • 20 Yard Bin: 8ft wide X 18ft long X 4ft high
  • 40 Yard Bin: 8ft wide X 20ft long X 8ft high